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2017 Porsche GT3 Cup Car (991.2)



The 2017 991.2 GT3 Cup was designed and born at Porsche’s Weissach racing and Stuttgart production facilities. It shares many of the same components and technologies with the latest road-going GT3s. Considering that 80 per cent of 911 GT3 road cars sold see considerable track time throughout their lives, Porsche’s partnership between its street and race divisions makes perfect sense.

So, what are some highlights that make the GT3 such a popular choice amongst motorsport’s most demanding teams? Let’s have a closer look...



  • Using the same lightweight “intelligent” aluminum-steel construction as every GT3, excess material is removed for less weight and a lower centre of gravity.
  • Carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) front trunk and rear lid for dramatic weight reduction and a lower centre of gravity – same as the GT3 RS.
  • Larger front and rear fenders due to wider wheels and an increased track width – similarly to the GT3 RS.




  • Porsche motorsport one-piece, centre-lock alloy wheels reduce unsprung weight, lessen rotational forces, and increase turn-in response.



  • R-compound racing slicks (10.5-in. front / 12-in. rear). Illegal for street use, but at racing temperature, provide fantastic mechanical grip.



  • Separate front/rear electrical systems for brake balance adjustments.
  • Calipers are crafted from a single block of aluminum (monobloc) – six-piston front and four in the rear, each mated to 380 mm steel rotors – similar to the 911 GT3 and GT3 RS.
  • No ABS, unlike the GT3 and GT3 RS.


Engine / Powertrain

  • 4-litre flat-six engine
  • 485 hp @ 7,500 RPM (8,500 RPM redline).
  • Forged pistons, titanium connecting rods, dry-sump lubrication, and high-rev design for instant throttle response and more time spent at peak power.



  • Six-speed sequential paddle shift dog-type gearbox (straight-cut gears), limited-slip differential, triple-disc race clutch, pneumatic paddle system for instantaneous, miss-free upshifts and downshifts – similar to 911 GT3 and GT3 RS.




  • Stripped of all production amenities (save for the dashboard) for weight savings. Air conditioning removed in favour of forced air/fan cooling.
  • Did we mention the interior of the GT3 Cup is extremely loud? The sound deadening, which keeps the production 911 so comfortably quiet, adds unnecessary weight, so that had to go, too.
  • Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel for grip in high speeds and hard turns (features buttons for radio, pit speed, high beam, display, wiper functions, and more).
  • Programmable Cosworth ICD colour display shows vital information: from gear selection to RPMs, fuel and oil levels, speed, lap times and more.



  • MacPherson front strut setup and multi-link rear suspension (same as the 911 GT3 and GT3 RS). Height, camber, and track-width adjustments, forged support mounts, non-adjustable racing dampers.
  • Extremely user-friendly, adjustable and predictable performance suitable for any racetrack.